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Great Lakes Diesel can increase the performance, fuel economy and longevity of your diesel engine. Learn more about Rick!

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Great Lakes Diesel of Buffalo, NY is the only Hi-Performance Diesel Engine Shop in North America specializing in Hi-Performance Caterpillar® engines.

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Great Lakes Diesel offers a full line of parts for your diesel engines. If you are interested in ordering Caterpillar and other parts, contact us today!

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Great Lakes Diesel's years of experience and development have assembled a line of Hi-Performance parts for 3406, C-15, C-16 and C-18 Caterpillar® engines.

tractor pull

One of our specialties is building Hi-Performance Caterpillar® engines for competition and tractor pulls.


We custom build your engine to specifications to provide the best running horsepower and fuel economy.


By having us custom build your engine, we can greatly increase the drilling cabability and efficiency of your equipment by building a high horsepower engine built to blueprinted specifications.